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Dec 12, 2012 6:00pm EST
dear blame ben bernanke for not being willing to take bold action to get this economy hiring and moving again! even if his statements about economic weakness ultimately caused the averages to stumble from some pretty lofty levels. dow only declining ability 3 points s & p inching up 4.4%. close in positive territory. nasdaq giving up 2.8%. >> when you look at what ben bernanke did ntoday -- the republicans themselves refuse to get specific on spending until they see something from the white house. the elected portion of our government is not helping this economy at all. their failure to rise above politics to reach a compromise is now really starting to hurt u.s. economy. in this vacuum, the fed has decided to keep rates low. they stepped in saying listen, business. we are not going to get in your way. we're not going to allow interest rate to go higher until we get many hundreds of thousands of people hired! [ applause ] . ben bernanke has become the jobs commander in chief. we've heard nothing but carping on air in the blog sphere as you the fed's latest actions today. i ska give me a
Dec 13, 2012 6:00pm EST
careful here. what ben bernanke is doing with the bond market makes it too darn hard for me to figure out what to do with mortgage rates. i have to take a break here. >>> let's go to frederick in washington, please. >> caller: hi, jim, how you doing, bag booyah from bellevue, washington. go hawks. let's go microsoft. >> okay. microsoft does not yield enough yet to intrigue me. i do believe it will be a better stock in 2013 at some point. i have to believe some of that cycle for windows 8 kicks in. right now in no man's land. i don't like being in no-man's land. >>> rick in missouri now. >> caller: jim, thank you for taking my call. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> caller: my question today, i want to know if arch coal will remain a big lump of coal for 20 3. i bought it at 14. down to about 7. would like your insight. >> remember, on "ed ""mad mone don't care where a stock has been, we care where it's been. i like arch coal. >>> stewart in california, please. >> caller: jim, a big booyah for myself and my parents. i'm wondering how you think bank of america will do with the whole fiscal cl
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)